Welcome to Geoff Golden Basketball!!

GGMy mission as a basketball player development coach is to assist athletes of all ages and abilities in reaching their full potential as basketball players. My philosophy on this process is a no nonsense approach to high level fundamental skill development, mental toughness training, becoming a student of the game and a complete understanding of the champions intangibles – work ethic, discipline and commitment. I strive to inspire and motivate each athlete to dream big and work hard for their basketball future.

I truly believe that basketball players are made not born. However, the developmental process has changed significantly over the past decade due to highly competitive youth and high school programs, the pursuit of prestigious college scholarships and the lure of big money professional contracts. Athleticism and talent are no longer enough to secure a roster spot at any level. Fundamental skill is the dividing factor that allows today’s basketball athletes to separate themselves from the pack.

The complete and full growth of a player’s potential is achieved throughout individual player development of proper practice habits. Only 50% improvement is achieved in game competition. The other 50% improvement is obtained through tough, intense, and strenuous game situation workouts. My program focuses on building the complete player both physically and mentally and is designed for each athlete based on a comprehensive evaluation that determines current skill level, strengths, weaknesses and basketball I.Q.

Athletes in my program that are committed to the process, make the necessary sacrifices and give maximum effort at every workout will improve at an astonishing rate. Their perimeter and post skills rise dramatically, their confidence grows, they become more efficient and focused and their game goes to another level.

I look forward to working with you and assisting in making all of your basketball dreams come true. Love The Process!!

Geoff Golden